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It all started with a passion for Spain and a finca (farm) in the beautiful oak trees forest of Andalucía, breeding a limited number of pure-bred Iberico pigs since 1948. Pata Negra House was established in 2006 to impart our knowledge of the best artisanal producers of Iberico ham beyond Spain. We refuse to submit to industrial processes, in order to ensure the purest, most natural and authentic products possible.

Le Gourmet selects the finest caviar, smoked fish, truffles, foie gras and other gastronomic treasures.

Inspired by the classification of Japanese wagyu beef, the summum iberico concept enhances the different cuts of Iberico ham, showcasing different parts and flavours, in the way of premium quality salmon or beef, whether you prefer melting succulence, or a fragrant, firmer texture.

Tapas Box take you on their culinary adventure through Spain. Savour each product, explore the flavours and discover the essence of Spain. Through our exquisite selection of authentic tapas each item chosen with care and reflecting the distinctive flavour and origin of the product, we express the creativity of Spanish food.

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